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A Purposeful Life, a Meaningful Life.



Got this from a frien on one of the WA groups. Very important topic!


A Donkey’s Life - Maulik Unadkat
A salt seller had a pet donkey and a horse carriage with 2 horses which he used for carrying salt bags to the market every day. The salt seller used to load most of the salt bags onto the carriage and a couple of them on his donkey just to keep him busy.
On the way they had to cross a shallow river. One day the donkey accidently tumbled while crossing the river and the salt bag drowned into the water. The entire salt dissolved and hence the bag became empty. The salt seller was upset. The donkey was relieved.
The donkey played the same trick the next day too. The salt seller understood this quickly. The next day he loaded a cotton bag on the donkey. The donkey obviously drowned the cotton bag in water, hoping that the cotton bag would become empty. But the dampened cotton became very very heavy and unbearable for the donkey to carry. The salt seller made it walk with this unbearable load to the market and back home so that it would never play tricks with him again.
It learnt the lesson. It never played the same trick again after that day.
God has several Horse carriages to run the show of Life but He has bestowed each one of us with some unique responsibility to keep us busy, it’s called PURPOSE or CALLING. Each one of us is here for a reason, to make some SMALL difference to the world we are born in. Life doesn’t load us with more purpose than we can handle, it only gifts us with enough abilities to keep us useful and busy. God doesn’t spoon feed us with this purpose, we have to find it out for ourselves what our unique calling is.
Sachin Tendulkar was born to play cricket and make the crowd go crazy, Arijit Singh is gifted with a voice and he sings with all his heart and mesmerizes his listeners, Mark Zuckerberg found his calling in connecting the world via Facebook while Mother Teresa found her calling in helping those in need and changed the lives that she touched.
Like them, each one of us is born with a unique purpose, a gifted reason. But somewhere down the line, we find a way to fool life and fool ourselves. We dissolve our life purpose like the donkey and then live an aimless life, an empty life, a donkey’s life. A life without purpose, without responsibilities, without answerability seems lighter for a while until we realize that it is all empty, really EMPTY. Most of us are living an empty life today. Depression is at an all time high because people are clueless, aimless, living a life that is meaningless.
If we begin to live a tricky life like the donkey, GOD, like the salt seller, also has a habit of loading us with dampened cotton to teach us a lesson. The problems, the troubles, the difficulties that we face in life are all like dampened cottons. Life has its own ways to teach us lessons. Those ways we never understand and life seems harsh but they happen for our own good.
They remind us to live life more deliberately. Not live an 80 year long repeat telecast of the same episode of waking up, eating, working and sleeping. As Robin Sharma says, ‘Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it life’.
Now how do we find our purpose? First simply begin with saying, “YES, I want to live a life with a purpose.” And the ‘HOW’ will be answered easily. All great things have simple beginnings. Ask yourself, “In my life so far when is it that I felt most fulfilled? What part of my routine can I do effortlessly and continue doing it for hours tirelessly? Who are my idols, who do I look up to in life and what do I admire about their life, is there anything about their life that I can imitate?”
It could be any activity in your life that you feel most in-spirit in. It could be helping others, it could be running or any sport, it could be taking care of your kid, it could be cooking or baking, it could be your work, your workout, it could be singing, painting, writing or it could be as simple as taking care of your home.
All of the above could be excelled in and used to live a purposeful life. Just find your calling, find something that makes you feel fulfilled, feel useful, feel happy and do it everyday relentlessly. Get better at doing it everyday.
Begin. Live. Not a Donkey’s Life. A Purposeful Life, a Meaningful Life.


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