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Who else than Kaori Shoji?!!!!


Kaori Shoji, my most favorite columnist (like I always say), has written her latest column in The japan Times. Link is here. The title this time reads as - "Japan's sticky, hot, windy summer gives women the blues". Like always, there are so many strong points in this article (considering my own view-point). Firstly, she never side-lines the subject, i.e. Japanese language. One can learn so many new words or or even ordinarily known words and expressions with proper usage. Secondly, her writing style is somewhat assertive but very accurate. I (personally) enjoy her writing a lot. Thirdly, she is so good at English as well. I mean her English is impeccable. That makes her column all the more interesting. For people like me, for whom English and Japanese are foreign languages, it is a learning experience. And, it means, there is a double advantage!!  

The last four sentences read: 

Given that we now live in what is known as mizō no dokushin jidai (未曾有の独身時代, the unprecedented era of single people), this is more easily said than done. I mean, if people had the wherewithal to hook up and go on lovely dates, we wouldn't be in this predicament, right? According to the Kōseirōdōshō (厚生労働省 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), the estimated number of utsu joshi in this country has now reached 655,000. Hawaii, here I come.

Hats off to you, Kaori Shoji! Thank you for one more incredible article on the usage of Japanese language!! Thanks a TON!!
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