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SAP Consulting サービスパッケージ // Ken Follett


Now, I have almost three different web-logs and I feel like using all of them. But, time? Well, although I do not have a 'billable' project in hand, I am stuck in various small activities.
So, anyway, I blogged out here - my blog at ALC!

Sometime in the afternoon, I visited SAP Japan's web-site - to be precise here: SAP Customer Services Network and was very pleased to see some contents that are absent in the American (English) SAP site!

I was interested in the following list:

SAP Consulting サービスパッケージ -- Strategic Enterprise 戦略的経営管理(SEM)
Strategic Enterprise 戦略的経営管理(SEM)

What's so special? Well, nothing remarkable as such, however considering my engagement in the (earlier) project, I guess I should note-down somewhere all the Japanese words I knew. So, in a nutshell, I should scribble a word-list (both Eng and Jap). That will be useful for reference for anyone (who understands both the languages).

I also wrote a short review on Ken Follett's "The Third Twin". I am still reading it and found it to be very readable and interesting. The plot and style of narration is superb!

Well, I guess I have to stop now and blog sometime later.


PS: Recently I read Kaori shoji's another article in "Bilingual" as well as a movie review in the japan times. Superb, as usual. Thanks Kaori-san!
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SAP Consulting ŵ|??å // Ken Follett
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