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Happy memories of Moritaka Chisato!

Both, me and my wife love to listen to Chisato's songs. Her voice is so smooth and lovable!

Today, I visited many interesting blogs: here, here and here! Mari's blogs are neatly done, indeed!

Sayaka's english box is also worth visiting.

There are a lot of things happening on the work front. My bosses want me to leave this city and temporarily relocate to "B" city where I can start a centre of excellence for one of our customers. はっきり言ってうんざりです。いやだ!いきたくないです!しまったなあ!どうしよう〜!?


One, Mr. Takayama replied to my entry in in SAP's community and he mentioned that a forum in Japanese for SAP professionals exist; when I visited there, I did find that Mr. Junichiro Asami is managing one such portal. However a lot of work needs to be done to stabilize it. I hope many SAP practitioners around the world will make use of it and the portal will evolve into a nicer place of information. I too can share some information there, I suppose.

That's all for now.

BTW, lastly, my most favorite columnist Kaoriさん has come out with yet another fabulous "BILINGUAL" entry in the Japan Times and a movie review as well. Kaoriさん、ご活躍がんばって下さい。いつも応援していますよ!
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