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After a while...

The weekend passed by but I couldn't enjoy it. I was not feeling well - in fact I had sore throat and sever cough and fever. Still I managed to accompany my son to his swimming class.

Was it Sunday (Y'day) or Saturday (oops.. can't remind properly) dvkx called me and informed me that she delivered baby girl on 8th february...nice news. Congratulations dvkx!

On Saturday, I and my wife drove to Yashwantrao Chavan theater and watched a fantastic Marathi play "nakaLat saare ghaDale". Vikram Gokhale, Swati Chitnis, Sharwari Patankar and Aniket starred in it. Vikram Gokhale is an actor par excellence. A couple of his dialogs received instantaneous ovation and the later half also attracted fragile viewers to sob! (me incl.)

Vikram played Batu Nene, Swati - Miranni, Sharwari - Monica and Anmiket as Rahul. Only 4 actors, one set and 1 intermission - but the drama authored by Shekhar Dhavalikar reached everyone's heart. This was after a very long time that I watched such a nice drama. LONG LIVE MARATHI *Rangabhoomi*!

Aai and Baba have gone to Talegav with lalita-taai and nana-saheb... so we are only 3 left at home.... feeling a bit free but lonely too....

My son went to Sat-kun's house on saturday and to my surprise he ate his lunch fully - w/o a single complaint! Wis hhe would do the same in my house too -- that way he can grow properly. Thanks a million to Medha-san and Sat's mother.... they are a family in million. Very kind and helpful. God bless you all.

Wanted to start reading DASBODH from yesterday but since I wasn't well, I couldn't start the activity.

I read a "Brief history of Zero" written by Kristen McQuillin, July 1997 (revised January 2004). Interesting, but got to find out the quotes about Hindus (Indians)... I can't remember where I read, but vaguely remember that the SHUNNYA (Zero) was invented by Indians long time before Babylonians...

Anyway, thats' all for now.....
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Hiya! Nice work - nice to find other people interested in - and mentioning in the last eight months or so - KAORI SHOJI. Please keep it up! :)
reed | 2004/05/05 7:12 AM